Our Vision:

    The innovator and leader of edible mushroom industry


    Our Value:

    Listening, Absorption, Altruism, Responsibility



    Listening to the consumers' requests, the employees' voices and the social responses. Knowing how to listen, we can find out the problems, make continuous improvement and then supply the consumers with the best quality products & services.



    Only with absorption, we can reach perfection. Focusing on every work process, paying all attention and doing everything in our power, we will be able to obtain the perfect results.



    As a Chinese old saying goes, "A humane person, wishing to be successful himself, should seek to help others be successful; and, wishing to develop himself, should seek to help others develop." Knowing how to respect, understand and tolerate others, and learning how to share and achieve win-win, we can accomplish the individual and collective goals.



    Daring to undertake the responsibility, we can know how to correctly do things and how to do the correct things. Then through perseverance and adherence, we can achieve the established goals and finally realize the ideals of enterprise and individual.